Environment. Warmth. Collective.

Artistic Statement

Danny Rivera researches movement and spatial construction in regards to generating warmth and exploring conversations on healing and the environment. He aims to co-shape rehearsal spaces, studio spaces, virtual spaces, shared spaces into sites where movers can work through thoughts and conversation as a collective. It is through these investigations in hand with explorations of somatic and cathartic movement that Danny interacts with the idea of restoration.

the weight of clouds

a Harvard University Theater, Dance, and Media Senior Thesis

Directed and Designed by Danny Rivera ‘20
Produced and Publicized by Cassandra Kane ‘21
Sound: ‘Grafts’ by Kara-Lis Coverdale, ‘Prologue’ and ‘Cow Song’ by Meredith Monk, ‘Living Mice’ and ‘Danny’ by C418,  ‘The Orchard’ by Todd Baker, ‘Sedona’ by Houndmouth
Cast: Abby Alter ‘20, Dara Badon ‘22, Margaret Canady ‘20, Athena Capo-Battaglia ‘22, Sunday Hull ‘20, Cassandra Kane ‘21, Mara Milner ‘20, Danny Rivera ‘20, Veronica Tang ‘22, Grace Whitney ‘20, Isabel Wu ‘20
Interviews by: Dara Badon ‘22, Margaret Canady ‘20, Athena Capo-Battaglia ‘22, Cassandra Kane ‘21

press start

ensues the simultaneity of a roaming player and someone seated pushing buttons

Choreographed by Danny Rivera ‘20
Music: “Checkpoint Charlie – Photay Remix” by Ghost Against Ghost, Photay, “The Good Side” by Troye Sivan (excerpt)
Movers: Ryan Feng ‘21, Mere Johns ‘22, Changie Yuri ‘20, Stephany Zhivotovsky ‘23
Harvard-Radcliffe Modern Dance Company presents: an escape (Fall 2019)


the disconnect between a state of social interaction and a state of total contemplation

Choreography by Abby Alter ‘20 and Danny Rivera ‘20
Inspired by Artwork: Siren by Kate MccGwire
Music: “Moaning Myrtle” by Imogen Heap, “Blood Rain” by Ital Tek
Movers: Atheena Arasoo ’20, Juliet Chihaya ’22, Ryan Feng ’21, Grace Whitney ’20, Sophia Zheng ’20
Harvard-Radcliffe Modern Dance Company presents: Frame of Mind (Spring 2019)

August, 2003

They are more than just pictures now wrinkling at your bedside.

Choreography by Danny Rivera ’20
Music: “Devil Like Me” by Rainbow Kitten Surprise
Movers: Scott Kall ’20, Madeleine Klebanoff O’Brien ’22, Amber Shaw ’21, Zuzanna Skoczylas ’22, Veronica Tang ’22
Harvard-Radcliffe Modern Dance Company presents: Once Upon A Time (Fall 2018)

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